Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Chevron Stitch Baby Blanket 031914

By M. J. Joachim

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The chevron stitch is perfect for making a tightly woven baby blanket. I made mine with five panels of chevrons, followed by a border, with three small puff stitches in the top of each corner. My blanket measures approximately 22 inches long, by 18 inches across, perfect for a newborn little one.

I used an I crochet hook and approximately 408 yards of yarn. Stitch sizes vary between crocheters, so you will need 2 – 3 skeins of yarn. I used up all but a couple inches of 2 skeins myself. The yarn is Red Heart, Lemon Gumdrop.

Foundation is 82 chain (multiple of 16 + 2 more chain) followed by Chevron Stitch Tutorial, using a single color only, instead of switching colors as shown in the tutorial photo. Make 60 rows of chevron stitch for body of blanket.


Step 1: Chain 1, turn; sc in each sc and in each row down sides around; join with slip stitch to first single crochet in round

Step 2: (top of blanket) Chain 2, make puff stitch (yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, draw up a loop – 3 times; yarn over, draw through all loops on hook, chain 1); single crochet in each single crochet to other corner at top of blanket; make puff stitch in this corner; sc in each single crochet stitch around, to 1st puff stitch, and join with a slip stitch to top of 1st puff stitch

Step 3: Chain 1, (single crochet + puff stitch + single crochet) in same place; sc in each sc to next puff stitch; (sc + puff + sc) in top of next puff stitch; sc in each sc around, joining with slip stitch to 1st sc in round

[Repeat Step 3 one more time, so you have 3 puffs in two top corners of blanket]

Step 4: Chain 1, make 2 sc in same place; sc in each sc to next puff; make 3 sc in next puff for corner; sc around to beginning of round; make 1 sc in top of puff (so you have 3 sc for corner in same place); join with slip stitch to 1st sc in round

Step 5: Chain 1, make 2 sc in same place; sc to 2nd sc in next corner @ top of puff – make 3 sc in corner; make 1 sc in each stitch around, followed by 1 more sc in 1st corner at beginning of round, so you have 3 sc in this corner; join with slip stitch to 1st sc in round

Finish off. Weave in loose ends. Steam and lay flat to dry.

I’m still working on patterns to share with you, and while making this blanket, I came up with a few more ideas. Until next time, I wish you happy crocheting!

M. J.

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