Thursday, December 11, 2014

10 Easy to Make, Inexpensive Crocheted Christmas Gifts

by M. J. Joachim
Just about everyone loves receiving beautiful handmade gifts, especially when they look like someone spent hours, and maybe even days, making them. Crocheted gifts are nice because they often look so detailed, but work up very quickly. You can rely on short, easy patterns or trust your instincts as you hook your way to make a perfect gift for someone you know. Here is a list of ten cheap, quick and easy crochet gift ideas.

Gifts for Just About Anyone

*Bookmarks: Combine simple rows of common stitches to make beautiful bookmarks. Decorate them with ribbon, beads, tiny silk flowers, and other accessories to make them unique.

*Magnets: Use a pattern to make flowers or other 3-dimensional small projects. Attach a strong magnet to the back with super glue.

*Holding Clip: Use a pattern to make a tiny design of your choice. Super glue it to a spring hinged clothespin. As a variation, super glue a strong magnet to the other side of the clip.

Personal Gifts

*Hats: Crochet a rectangle using stitches of your choice. Do not finish off. Using a long (afghan) hook, gather all the stitches from the long side of your work, yarn over and pull through all the stitches on the hook, gathering tightly to make the top of the hat. With right sides facing, single crochet a seam down the short sides of your hat, matching stitch for stitch. Without finishing off, crochet a brim for your hat.

*Scarves: Choose your favorite stitch and either make vertical or horizontal rows until your scarf is as long or wide as you want it. Make a matching hat and purse too.

*Purses: Make a close knit crocheted rectangle. Fold it in half, right sides facing. Make a seam (using single crochet or whip stitch) down opposite sides, and leaving an opening at the top. Add a crocheted strap, or attach a purse handle that you purchase from a craft store.

Gifts for the Kitchen

*Potholders: Crochet two identical squares. Join them together, sandwiching non-flammable batting between if desired. Add a loop.

*Kitchen towels: Use your favorite stitches to crochet a large rectangle out of cotton crochet thread. Deck it out with a border or trim and ribbon. As a variation, purchase a kitchen towel, and crochet a top to it. Gradually decrease to make a triangular top, adding a loop at the end. Attach a button to one side of your crochet hook, and now your towel can be secured on the refrigerator handle.

*Washcloths: Crochet a large square in the pattern of your choice. Make washcloths out of 4-ply cotton yarn if you want them thick and plush. Use doily thread if you'd like them to be able to dry quickly.

*Kitchen scrubby: Purchase tulle by the yard and cut into 2 - 3 inch strips. Chain two, single crochet 6 times in second chain from hook. Continue single crocheting around, increasing as you go until your scrubby is the desired size.

Christmas is coming and there is still plenty of time to make some or all of these projects as gifts for your loved ones. Here’s wishing you a merry, merry and a season promising to keep you in stitches!

M. J.

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