Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Must Have Fall & Winter Skirt

by M. J. Joachim

This is one of those projects I started at the beginning of the year, the ones I like to start and work on over a few months while I’m watching t.v. or enjoying the sound of rain outside my window.

It’s a simple, front loop only, single and double crochet skirt, worked in a circle, joined at the beginning of each round, making it technically seamless. I’m using a couple skeins of homespun yarn with a size I hook.

The skirt starts at the waistline, working its way down to the bottom edge. The waist and hips will be form fitting, while the bottom portion of the skirt will flow more freely. To achieve this result, I increased my stitch count from one stitch in each stitch from the previous row to [1 stitch in next stitch, 2 stitches in next stitch] and then on the following row [2 stitches in each stitch]. Once my rows were increased to my preference, I went back to making 1 stitch in each stitch around.

Horizontal bands vary in size. I make them as big as I want, before switching color to next band. The light color yarn is worked in single crochet only, while the dark yarn is worked in double crochet. I’m seriously considering adding a third (vibrant, electric blue) color to the very bottom of the skirt, and then using a yarn needle with the same color, to embroider flowers or something up along where the rows are joined.

This will be my casual, fun, blanket clothing item I’ll enjoy wearing each and every winter from here on out. It will be a long skirt I can wear with t-shirts, sweaters, sweat jackets and funky jewelry. I can add a belt (wide or skinny – doesn’t matter) to accessorize. Moccasins, heels or flats – anything goes with this must have, easy to make, winter wardrobe skirt.

I’ll be sure to continue sharing my progress with you. Shouldn’t be too much longer before it’s finished, since fall is just around the corner.

Thanks for visiting Lots of Crochet Stitches. It’s such a pleasure sharing my work with you and, as I hope you already know, you guys mean the world to me!

M. J.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

God of Heaven, Hear Our Prayers…

by M. J. Joachim

Please, my family needs more prayers. My niece delivered her baby yesterday. It was not an easy delivery. Baby ended up in ICU, but is expected to be okay. Now my niece, baby’s mom is in ICU and both mother and baby need prayers. I’m reaching out for a massive prayer chain, dear people. Losing Mom a couple weeks ago was hard enough. We need my niece and great-niece to be okay – God speed! Please storm the gates of Heaven with me.

Thank you,

M. J.

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