Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Doggie Sweater Debut 112013

By M. J. Joachim

This next project was so much fun! I never thought I’d actually make a doggie sweater, but our little rescue pooch gets cold, and doggie sweaters are pretty expensive. Plus, as cute as they are in the store, you’ll never find a designer crocheted doggie sweater like the one I just finished making today.

Luna (nickname Lunatic) loves it! She simply couldn’t wait to try it on and prance around the house and yard in it. The girl is a little missile, full of energy and all sorts of antics, enough to keep us all in stitches most of the time. Makes sense I would find time to make a new designer sweater for her. Because it was so much fun, I’ll probably make at least one or two more before the cold weather departs too.

Basics for Making Doggie Sweaters

After studying pet sweaters I’ve seen in stores, this is my most basic theory for how to make dog sweaters.

Step 1:  Make 1 large rectangle for back panel
Step 2:  Make 1 smaller rectangle for tummy
Step 3:  Join at sides, leaving 2 holes for arms
Step 4:  Add collar and embellishments

Note:  Measurements will vary, depending on the size of your dog/pet.

Doggie Sweater Pattern 112013

I made this sweater specifically for Lunatic. Use it as a general guideline when making your own, and include personal adjustments to your specific project as necessary.

Back Panel

Foundation:  Make a multiple of 14 chain (+ 1 more chain)
Step 1:  Make 1 sc in next 4 chain stitches
Step 2:  Chain 7, sc in 8th chain from hook; make 1 sc in each of the following 6 stitches
[Repeat Step 2 across row, ending with 1 sc in each of last 4 stitches in row]
Step 3:  Chain 1, turn; sc in next 4 sc; chain 7, sc in next 7 sc
[Repeat Step 3 across row, ending with 1 sc in each of last 4 sc (three more times)]
Step 4:  Chain 1, turn; sc in next 4 sc
Step 5:  Chain 3, sc around previous 4 rows of seven chains, chain 3
Step 6:  Make 1 sc in each of next 7 sc
[Repeat Steps 5 & 6 across row, ending with 1 sc in each of last 4 sc]
Step 7:  Chain 1, turn; sc in 1st four sc
Step 8:  Chain 7, sc in next 7 sc
[Repeat Step 8 across row, ending with 1 sc in each of last 4 sc]
Repeat Steps 4 – 8 for pattern, ending with last row being 1 row only of Step 8, so that ther is only 1 row of chain 7 and sc in next 7sc.
Do not finish off.

Top Collar of Back Panel
Chain 1, turn, sc in each sc and in each chain across row. Finish off.

Belly Panel
Make a smaller rectangle of single crochet stitches only.

Doggie Sweater 112013 Assembly
Step 1:  Make 1 Back Panel and 1 Belly Panel
Step 2:  Join both panels together on one side. Single crochet a seam down one side for approximately 1/3 of belly panel. Finish off.
Step 3:  Skip center 1/3 of belly panel. Join yarn 2/3 down belly panel, joining both sides together evenly, for the bottom 1/3 of belly panel. Back panel will be longer. Keep edges straight when joining back and belly panel together.
Finish off. Repeat on other side of sweater, making sure seam edge matches. You may have to measure or count your stitches to get an accurate, even seam on both sides.
Step 4:  Join yarn at the top corner where back panel is joined to front panel. Single crochet around entire collar, decreasing over 5 stitches at both seams.
[Join rounds and repeat Step 4 three more times to finish making collar.] Finish off.
Step 5:  Make 3 rows of single crochet along bottom edge of back panel.
Finish off. Weave in all loose ends.
Then take a picture of your dog in his or her brand new designer crochet sweater.
I hope you enjoy this delightful doggie sweater pattern. I used lightweight yarn and a size I hook to make mine.

Thank you for visiting Lots of Crochet Stitches. I hope to see you again real soon.
M. J.
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