Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tulip Crocheted Flower

by M. J. Joachim
Tulips are one of my favorite flowers. I only wish their bloom lasted a little longer here. Still, I keep a few in my yard for pleasure, along with hyacinth, daffodils and hollyhocks. I used a light-weight baby yarn for my tulip pattern and a small hook. The yarn reminded me of a few of my blooms this year. I’ll be making more tulips, experimenting with materials to vary the result. As no two blooms are exactly alike, I’m sure it will be a fun and worthy activity.
You Will Need
Doily thread or yarn and appropriate crochet hook
1 dark bead or button
5 twelve inch pieces of (petal color) pipe cleaner and yellow pipe cleaner
Small beads for flower center (optional)
Floral tape
Step 1:  Chain 4; join with slip stitch to 1st chain to make a ring
Step 2:  Chain 1, make 10 single crochet in center of ring
Step 3:  Chain 3 (counts as 1st dc), make {1 dc, 1 tr, 2 dc} in same place
Step 4:  Single crochet in next sc; slip stitch in following sc
[Repeat Steps 3 and 4 around, ending by joining with a slip stitch to 1st sc in round]

Step 5:  Chain 3, single crochet in next triple; chain 3, slip stitch in next sc
[Repeat Step 5 around]
Step 6:  Slip stitch into next chain 3 space; chain 3 (counts as dc), make 2 more double crochet in same space
Step 7:  Make 3 triple in next sc at top of previous sc; make 3 dc in next chain 3 space
[Repeat Steps 6 & 7 for each petal around, joining with slip stitch at end of round]

Step 8:  Slip stitch into next chain 3 space; make 1 triple in each stitch of petal except the last stitch – make 1 double crochet in the last stitch
Step 9:  Chain 3 and slip stitch in same stitch as dc
[Repeat Steps 8 & 9 around, joining with a slip stitch to 1st stitch in round]


Finish off. Weave in loose ends.
Step 10:  Take 5 matching pieces of 12 inch pipe cleaner, one for each petal, and insert from bottom center of flower, about half way; weave pipe cleaner around each petal to shape its edge, allowing you to fold petals up into a cup shape, and ending with pipe cleaner at bottom center of flower.


Note:  This is by no means an exact science. If you find it easier to use one piece of pipe cleaner at a time, do it. Also, how you weave pipe cleaner through each petal can vary, which will make your petals unique and different too, just as they are in the garden.
Step 11:  Mold and shape petals
Step 12:  Take a dark button or bead and one 12 inch piece of yellow pipe cleaner; insert it through button or bead, leaving a small loop; take 3 short pieces of pipe cleaner and twist at top of button to make stamen



Step 13:  Insert yellow pipe cleaner through top center of flower and pull down. Trim stamen as desired and fluff it out


Step 14:  Tightly wrap floral tape around all pipe cleaner strands to make stem

Step 15:  Add beads to top of stamen ends if desired
All patterns for A – Z Challenge 2013 are originals designed and created by me, so please abide by all copyright laws. However, you are more than welcome to link to my work. In fact, I would very much appreciate it if you do. Thank you!

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M. J.
Photo credit:  M. J. Joachim (©2013 All Rights Reserved); Tulip floriade Canberra, John O’Neill (Picture of the Day August 11, 2006), GFDL
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