Monday, November 12, 2012

Checker Crochet Stitch Pattern 111212

by M. J. Joachim
Uses 2 colors: Color A and Color B
Foundation: Make a chain divisible by 5 (+ 1 more chain)
Note:  You will hold unused color along back of work, single crocheting over it as you work.
Step 1:  Using Color A, make foundation chain
Step 2:  (Color A) single crochet in 3rd chain from hook and in next 2 chain stitches

Step 3:  Join Color B by making ½ single crochet in next chain
     >>> insert hook in chain
     >>>yarn over, draw up loop
     >>>make slip stitch with Color B
     >>>place Color B on hook
     >>>yarn over with Color B
     >>>draw through all loops on hook

Step 4:  (Color B) single crochet in next 5 stitches, holding color A behind work and single crocheting over it.
Step 5:  Repeat Step 4, using Color A
[Repeat Steps 4 & 5 across row; turn]

Step 6:  Continue using same color you finished using on Row 1; single crochet in next 5 stitches; switch to Color B and single crochet in next 5 stitches
[Continue switching A and B, every 5 stitches, repeating pattern as you did in Steps 4 & 5 across row.]
Note:  At the end of row, be sure to single crochet in last 2 chain stitches. Remember, you started your 1st row in the 3rd chain stitch from your hook.
*When you reach row 6, switch colors to begin new square. Work through row 10.
Step 7:  Switch to other color and follow pattern to make alternating color squares, which will form your checker pattern

*Continue pattern, working 5 rows at a time, to continue making checkers.

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M. J.

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