Monday, October 8, 2012

Triple Crochet Tunisian Simple Stitch

Basic Tunisian Crochet rules apply to this pattern. You will be making a foundation chain, casting on loops and then casting them off your afghan hook. You will be working only on the front side of the fabric, without turning your piece.
Cast on:  Insert hook in desired space, yarn over, draw up loop
Cast off:  Yarn over, draw through loop or loops indicated
Note: Cast off 1 loop first for edge, then 2 loops at a time until you have 1 loop left on your hook.
Note:  Begin each cast on row with a chain 3 to match the height of your triple crochet stitches.
Foundation:  Make a traditional Tunisian foundation row >>> Chain (length desired); cast on loops; cast off loops
Step 1:  From the foundation row, chain 3

Step 2:  Wrap yarn over hook twice. Insert hook through 1st vertical bar of foundation row

Step 3:  Yarn over, draw up a loop

Step 4:  Yarn over, draw through 2 loops on hook (twice)

Step 5:  Yarn over (twice); insert hook through next vertical bar and repeat Steps 3 and 4 to complete stitch

[Repeat Step 5 across row]
Step 6:  Cast off loops (see above), until you have 1 loop left on hook; chain 3

Repeat Steps 2 – 6 for pattern
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