Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Alternating Tunisian Crochet with Single Crochet 103112

by M.J.Joachim
Combining Tunisian crochet stitches with traditional crochet stitches is a neat thing to do for a variety of reasons. Intricate designs can be developed within your projects; all-over fabrics acquire delicate details, which make them stand out all the more.

Today’s post is a system of sequences, if you will. In the first sequence, you will alternate between Tunisian knit and Tunisian pearl stitches. Single crochet stitches are used for the second sequence. Then a row of dc Tunisian crochet knit stitches, after which you’ll repeat the single crochet sequence, followed by the Tunisian knit and pearl sequence.

Alternating Tunisian Crochet with Single Crochet 103112

You will be making a foundation chain, casting on loops and then casting them off your afghan hook. You will be working only on the front side of the fabric, when making traditional Tunisian crochet stitches. However, you will be turning your piece, when making traditional crochet stitches.
Cast on:  Insert hook in desired space, yarn over, draw up loop
Cast off:  Yarn over, draw through loop or loops indicated
Note: Cast off 1 loop first for edge, then 2 loops at a time until you have 1 loop left on your hook.
Begin by making a traditional Tunisian foundation row, using as many stitches as you need or want.  Follow Steps 1 – 6 for pattern instructions, completing fabric using the desired finishing technique, or leaving unfinished to join to other pieces, when ready.
Step 1:  Cast on loops sequentially like this: (Tunisian knit stitch, Tunisian knit pearl stitch) across row, alternating every other stitch – tkn, tknp, tkn, tknp, tkn, tknp etc.
{Cast off loops until you have 1 loop left on your hook. (See above)}
Step 2:  Chain 1; make 1 single crochet through each of the vertical bars across the row, following Tunisian crochet simple stitch (TSS) guidelines in Basic Information Tutorial linked above. Turn.

Step 3:  Chain 1, single crochet in each stitch across row.

Step 4:  Chain 2, double crochet Tunisian knit stitch to cast on loops across row. Note:  Insert hook directly into sc stitch desired.
>>>Yarn over
>>>Insert hook in stitch
>>>Yarn over, draw up a loop
>>>Yarn over, draw through 2 loops on hook

{Cast off loops until you have 1 loop left on your hook. (See above)}
Step 5:  Repeat Steps 2 and 3
Step 6:  Cast on through each single crochet stitch, as you did in Step 1, alternating between Tunisian knit and Tunisian knit pearl stitches.

{Cast off loops until you have 1 loop left on your hook. (See above)}
Repeat Steps 1 – 6 for pattern.
Step 7:  Use desired finishing technique to complete project.
That’s all for now, good people! Thanks for visiting the Lots of Crochet Stitches blog!
M. J.

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