Thursday, August 30, 2012

Crocheted Christmas Ornament Pattern 083012

Yesterday’s motif pattern gave way to an intriguing idea. I spent some time working out the details and here is the final result. I believe this pattern would make a nice hair accessory, gift tag embellishment and perhaps a few other things as well. What’s your take on this nifty pattern? Is it too big for earrings? All you’d need to do is add a wire hook or secure a small post through the top of the loop and your ear. Yes, I think this pattern will make all sorts of neat things. How about you?

You Will Need
Size 10 doily thread
Size ½.75 mm crochet hook

Step 1: Make 3 motifs – click here for motif pattern

Step 2:  Fold 1st motif in half. Insert hook and join crochet thread through center of both halfs with a slip stitch.

Step 3:  Fold 2nd motif in same manner and join to first motif in the same way. Chain 1. Repeat with 3rd motif.

Step 4:  Pull tight and insert hook through all 3 motifs again to secure.
Step 5:  Chain 40. Single crochet in 2nd chain from hook and in each chain back to center of ornament.

Step 6:  Fold top of single crochet strip over and join to center of ornament. Finish off.

Step 7:  Open motifs, lightly steam and shape.

Add glitter or beads to embellish ornament.
That’s all for now, good people. Until next time, I wish you well!
M. J.