Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kitchen Crocheted Floor Mat Pattern and Instructions

Followed by rain, lightning and thunder…
As I sat there working on my project yesterday, I paused to enjoy such beautiful weather. We don’t get a lot of rain storms out here in the desert. When they arrive, it’s always a noteworthy event.
The pace of my project slowed. It would still be finished by evening. Cool breezes were invigorating, the scent of clean, refreshing air. Computer time would have to wait. This was nature’s time and I was ready to embrace it.
I’ve been working on a small mat to place in front of my kitchen sink. It’s something I’ve wanted for a while; slowly, but surely, the small rug worked its way to my finish line. Here is the result and simple tutorial of my project.
Always remember that your project can be tailored, according to your own needs and desires. If you want a larger kitchen mat, crochet more motifs, joining them in the same way. I provide guidelines. Each crocheter needs to determine how their individual projects will take shape. Crochet is an art form, not an exact science. Designers and artists should reflect personal preference and personality throughout their work.

Kitchen Crocheted Floor Mat Instructions

Step 1:  Make 18 Octagon Motifs

Step 2:  Join motifs together with a single crochet seam, along the straight edges. Refer to my recent joining crochet motifs post for step by step instructions.


>>>Start by joining a strip of 6 motifs
>>>Make 3 strips of 6 motifs each

>>>Once you have your 3 strips, single crochet only along straight edges, to join each motif in turn, matching motif for motif and stitch for stitch, until you have a large rectangle that is 3 motifs by 6 motifs
>>>Do not finish off; when you reach the end, chain 1
Step 3:  Starting at the end of your last row, single crochet around entire floor mat, joining with a slip stitch to your first single crochet.
Step 4: Finish off; weave in loose ends; steam and lay flat before presenting in final display

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