Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Joining Crochet Motifs

I have several motifs I need to join together. When determining how to do this, I like to lay them out on a large flat surface and explore the different ways available for me to join them. 

If my motifs have corners, I can keep things simple and only join the corners together like this:


If they have straight edges, I can create a seam along the edges, using slip stitch or single crochet like this:


I can make individual strips, joining each motif as I go, until my strips are long enough to be joined together for a larger project.

To join straight edges of motifs together with a seam, face the right sides together. Match stitch for stitch along the sides of both motifs while joining.

There are fancier ways to join motifs at the corners. Face the right sides together of first two motifs. Secure in place with a chain or single crochet stitch. After the first two motifs are joined, make a chain long enough to reach the next corner. Open the first two motifs. Lay a third motif on top of the second motif and join the same way you joined the first two motifs. Make another chain to join more motifs. Repeat this process until all your motifs are joined. Be sure to chain the last length and join with a slip stitch to your first motif.

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