Thursday, May 17, 2012

Irish Lace Mesh

Irish Lace combines lacy crochet motifs with a mesh (aka net) background. As you may know, I’m determined to teach myself how to make Irish Lace, which is why I was so excited when I discovered this pattern for making the Irish Lace Mesh background.

Sometimes, following patterns from books isn’t easy. The pattern I found clearly had a flaw or two. I’ve made adjustments to it for this blog post, and hopefully you’ll have a very easy time making Irish Lace Mesh because of them.

Foundation Chain: Make your multiple of chain stitches divisibly by 4. Add 1 more chain to your foundation.

Step 1:  Chain 5; make (1 sc, 3 chain, 1 sc) in the 10th chain from the hook.
Step 2:  Chain 5; skip next 3 chain stitches; make (1 sc, 3 chain, 1 sc) in next chain
{Repeat Step 2 across row to the last 4 chain stitches. End row with 1 sc in last chain.}
Step 3:  Chain 5, turn; *Make (1 sc, 3 chain, 1 sc) in next chain 5 space; chain 5

{Repeat Step 3 from * until you reach the last chain 5 space. Make 1 sc in the 3rd chain of the last chain 5 space.}

Repeat Step 3 for pattern.

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