Saturday, April 28, 2012

Yellow-bellied Yarn Skills 3KCBWDAY6

You know, sometimes I’m not all that comfortable yacking about my yellow-bellied yarn skills. I mean who likes to spend their time getting all caught up and tangled in things they can’t do well, when they’re perfectly happy and content making things with skills they’ve already mastered? Of course, if I had let this path of reasoning yield my yardage, I might never have taught myself to crochet in the first place.
That was some 30+ years ago – long before we had the Internet and all these amazing blogs and websites to follow and keep us up to date. How I yearn for the simplicity of those days of yesteryear sometimes.

Yearn and yesteryear are good “Y” words, and keeping things simple is definitely something I need to work on.

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As for the rest of it…
Here goes nothing…
Yield:  Who can’t relate to wanting to produce more projects per year than they already do? C’mon, you know you’d make your hands work faster if you could. Well, so do I, and I’d make my eyes focus on my project more closely too, instead of being distracted by… okay, I’d just like to make my hands work faster, so they could yield a few more projects annually. Life and my wonderful family can distract me anytime they want!

Gauge: It’s an intimidating concept to me, something that almost always causes me to adjust my patterns in some creative fashion. I won’t say I can’t gauge things effectively; what I will admit is that I usually ignore that part of the pattern, buy more yarn than I need and hope for the best.  In my mind, no two crocheters crochet alike. Therefore, making precise gauges is more of a lesson in frustration than imitation for me.

Yardstick:  I have to admit, posting to this blog has made me pull it out a lot more than I used to, but measuring and figuring out measurements, when I’m more in the mood to watch my project grow at record speed has never been my strong suit.

Visiting Yarn Stores:  Oh, I go to plenty of “general” hobby stores. What I don’t do enough of is hang around with other yarn enthusiasts and explore the limitless supply of unique yarns available. Yarn is a textile, something you need to hold and let inspire you. Visiting more yarn stores is a part of the fiber arts world that would help improve my yellow-bellied yarn skills in a multitude of ways.

Yank: True confessions here. I need an attitude adjustment when it comes to yanking out my work. It’s not so much fixing the mistake that’s the problem for me. It’s the process of going back and finding it, watching all those good stitches that followed it suddenly disappear, and spending all that time remaking what should be that much longer instead. I get really bummed when I have to yank out my stitches unexpectedly, and since I never anticipate ripping them out in the first place, that’s pretty much every time I have to yank them out at all.

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