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Woven Overlay for Winter and Warm Weather Projects 3KCBWDAY4

Woven overlay crochet stitching is a technique that can be used for any season and just about any project you can imagine. You start with a classic mesh background, which you weave complementary colors of yarn through. I’ve used a variation of woven overlay in one of my most popular post right here on the blog, the table top decoration pattern. While it wasn’t made with a mesh background, the woven overlay accented it perfectly, and the beads are a nice embellishment too. Incidentally, that project stays out all year long in my home, regardless of season.  The same pattern would make a lovely placemat set. Add this to my growing list of projects I intend to make someday.

Remember the rectangle hat basics I shared with you a few posts back? Woven overlay is a great method for making warm winter hats using these instructions.  Simply follow the pattern below to make a rectangle the size you need, and then follow the basic steps listed in my rectangle hat basics post to make your hat. Of course, you can use any stitch combination you want to use woven overlay in your crochet patterns and projects. I just wanted to give you a quick and easy pattern in this blog post too.

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Woven Overlay Mesh Background Instructions
Begin with a simple double crochet mesh background, which will be made by alternating double crochet and chain stitches across each row, so that your double crochet stitches are all made in the dc from the previous row, and your chain 1 stitches line up in vertical rows in your pattern too.
Foundation Chain: divisible by 2 (+6 more chain for pattern)
Step 1:  Double crochet in 6th chain from hook,* chain 1, skip next chain, double crochet in next chain
{Repeat from * across foundation chain, ending with a dc in last stitch.}
Step 2:  Chain 4 (counts as 1 dc + 1 chain stitch), *dc in next dc, chain 1
{Repeat from * across row, ending with 1 dc in 3rd chain from base of turning chain. Repeat Step 2 for pattern.}

Weaving the Woven Overlay Mesh Background
Uses 2 colors
Step 1: Take 3 strands of yarn and thread it through a tapestry or yarn needle.
Step 2:  Using Color A, weave over/under each chain 1 space, skipping the row between.

Step 3: Fill in the unwoven rows by using Color B to repeat Steps 1 and 2 until mesh background is filled in.
Special Note:  As you weave, it’s important to keep your overlay stitch even, avoiding weaving it too loosely or too tightly. Loose stitches will promote snagging and tightly woven stitches are likely to make your mesh background buckle. Btw, I think you could make a summer hat using the simple mesh background, without applying the woven overlay stitch. This pattern works well for all seasons. 

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