Sunday, April 29, 2012

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week – Craft Your Perfect Day 3KCBWWC

Please play the video as you read this, to visualize the scene.

Coffee’s ready, or tea if you prefer. Come. Sit in the big, comfy chair that overlooks the beach. Listen to the waves in the background. Feel the mist of fog and warmth of the sun. Embrace the moment, breathe and embrace the day.

It begins with a calm awakening from a deep and restful sleep. Stretching, I gently touch my husband’s arm. He’s not ready to wake up yet, and I wouldn’t dream of waking him too soon. The room is cool, but not cold. I’m energized, filled with creative thoughts that slowly settle in my mind.

The ocean is so inviting as I stroll along the shore. Just me and my thoughts – colors and images planting seeds for new projects yet to be born. I walk up the steps to the beach house. As I pour the coffee, my husband smiles, putting his empty cup next to mine.  He invites me to the local arts and crafts fair being held in town, knowing I can’t resist. We can walk the beach to get there, and then return home with some fresh fish from the wharf for our meal.

As midday approaches, I pick up my crochet hook and the fancy new yarn and beads we purchased from the artisans at the fair. It’s a time to reflect, listen to the music of the waves and create the patterns in my mind.