Sunday, May 16, 2010

Crochet Tips that Work Well for Me

by M. J. Joachim
Updated 4/19/16

I’ve been crocheting for more than 30 years now, and through trial and error, I’ve learned a few crochet tips that I use just about every time I crochet. These tips give your final project a more finished look, and they are easy to do once you get the hang of them.

Tip # 1

Sometimes when we make rows of stitches, we don’t want to have one row with the front side of the stitches, and the next showing the back side of the stitches. To prevent this you can make your first row of stitches; on your next row make a row of slip stitch or single crochet. These two stitches are short enough that your stitches will blend together, creating an all over look of the front side of your stitches.

Tip #2

It’s always best to change skeins or add a new color at the end/beginning of a new row, rather than in the middle of your work. Crochet to the end of your row until you have one loop on your hook. Add your new yarn with a slip stitch. Yarn over with the new yarn and pull through both loops on your hook. Leave a long tail from your previous yarn and be sure to finish it off securely to prevent unraveling.

Tip #3

Crochet around loose ends as you add them. If you are crocheting in the round, wrap the loose tail around the center of your circle and crochet right over the top of it. If you are crocheting rows, determine the best way to crochet your new stitches over any tails as you work. When you’re making lace, this can be tricky so when in doubt, wait to weave in loose ends until you are finished with your project. Then weave them in on the back side of your work.

Tip #4

Get a good book on finishing techniques so you can learn how to make your work look spectacular. I own a copy of the book shown in this post, and it is truly wonderful. If you’ve ever wondered about how many different things you can do with crochet, this book will show you. It will teach you crochet tips and tricks that are simply amazing.

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